Balloon Kyphoplasty


Simple, accurate and affordable surgical navigation system for cranial procedures.

Collagen dura membrane, onlay conformable and versatile 

Available in 3 different diameters: Ø2.5 mm, Ø3.2 mm and Ø4.0 mm
Assist surgeons in preparing the pedicle for screw placement at any level of the spine
CE marked and FDA cleared

"Knowing that our products every day improves the lives of many people.
This is our ambition. This is our reward."

Erkan Ayman 


About us

Corporate Values

Our company, despite the necessary changes, maintains its same VALUES over time. Every person who has relations with our company, such as employees, customers, suppliers, consultants and institutions, must know and above all understand that all our actions and decisions will always be conditioned by the Values that constantly fuel our MISSION:

“Knowing that our products improve the lives of many people every day.

This is our ambition. This is our reward.”

Our values

To help the company live according to these VALUES, we have identified the expected conduct next to each of them. We certainly don’t believe that this list of proper conduct is exhaustive, but they should be an important guide to inspire us every day on the job.

Below we have identified the 5 VALUES that best characterize EUROSMED:

1. Sense of belonging

2. Respect

3. Passion

4. Equilibrium

5. Willingness to change

Management Team

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Erkan Ayman

General Manager
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Kübra Türkmen

Clinic Support Director
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Erkal Şener

Biomedical Device & Tech. Rep.
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Ebru Çaparoğlu

Sales O.R. Eng.
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Emir Güven

Biomedical Device & Tech. Rep.
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Onur Ertik

Sales O.R. & Medical Eng.
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Şevval Dinç

Quality & Regulatory Affairs Eng.
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Dilan Polat

Hospital Consultation Services
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Merve Çevik

Certified Public Accountant

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